Refund Policy

Cancellation and Refunds

Any cancellation or changes must be advised at least 3 hours prior to the booking time, or we reserve the rights to keep the deposits or charge any cancellation fee.

The refunds on your maxi cabs bookings through Sky Maxi Cabs will be made on the following occasions:

  • If the cancellation is made with a 12 hour prior notice.
  • Refund will be processed after deduction of admin charges followed by below chart.
  • In case of missed flights, if the passengers responsibly inform us for the same. For the pre-paid journey, the refund will be processed after the deduction of admin charges.
  • For refunds to the international bank accounts, the deduction will be made on the actual amount paid.

Refunds will not be processed in the following cased:

  • If the cancellation is notified less than 12 hours.
  • If the transfer is booked for the wrong date, wrong flight, or any other irrelevant information.
  • If the passenger leaves the pickup point without any information.

Time before Journey

Cancellation charges % of Fare

Refund amount % of Fare

Up to 12hrs



Up to 24hrs



Up to 36hrs



Up to 42hrs



These Refund Policy were updated on 10/08/2022.