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Wheelchair Taxi Service Sydney

Wheelchair Taxi Sydney Taxi Wheelchair Accessible (WAT), Sky Maxi Cabs is able to provide wheelchair accessible taxis throughout the Sydney area to accommodate customers with varying levels of mobility. By reserving a reputable and licenced wheelchair taxi, customers can receive a prompt and customised taxi service. In Sydney, we provide mobility assistance and meet their specific travel requirements.

Sydney Taxi Accessible to Wheelchair We offer Disabled Taxi Sydney, a fleet of sanitised and well maintained wheelchair taxis with air conditioning. We strive to provide our valued customers with the highest level of comfort possible. Our Wheelchair Maxi Taxis in Sydney City can accommodate up to three wheelchairs and are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Secure Travel With Us 19 Safe, Clean, and Sanitized Taxis In your Sky Maxi Cab service, specially trained chauffeurs provide you with comfort and ease.

Wheelchair Taxi Sydney

Wheelchair Accessible Taxi Sydney | Taxi With Disabled Access

Professional Taxi Drivers for Wheelchair taxi service All of our wheelchair taxi sydney drivers are certified and have passed background checks. Under the NDIS programme, we also provide taxi service for those with permanent disabilities.

Our wheelchair taxi service near me is available throughout Sydney. Book a wheelchair taxi with cabs and travel throughout the Sydney metropolitan area without difficulty. All wheelchairs in our taxis comply with Australian disability standards. Whether you are travelling with a wheelchair or scooter, our Taxi maxis can accommodate your belongings with ease.

Book Wheelchair Taxi Sydney online or email us on bookings@skymaxicabs.com.au or Call us on 02 9172 5504

Disable Taxi Sydney


Sky Maxi Cabs provides wheelchair taxi service from the Sydney Airport to the city, accepting a variety of payment methods. Our wheelchair drivers are all certified and knowledgeable of Sydney’s routes.

Beginning with the wheelchair transport sydney booking time, we ensure that there are no problems or delays with pickup or drop off. Our office representative will provide comprehensive assistance throughout the duration of your trip.


Book A Wheelchair Taxi Booking Airport. Our wheelchair taxis are authorized and licensed to operate on the roads of Sydney. We provide wheelchair users with a hassle-free method of travel throughout the Sydney area.

Airport Pickups available at Sydney Domestic and Sydney International Airport  To all over the Sydney suburbs In/Around Sydney.

Have you planned to use a wheelchair to travel to or from Sydney Airport? Get Sky Maxi Cabs Wheelchair taxi is waiting to transport you between Sydney and the airport. Please send us a note from the driver informing us of all pertinent booking information.


Our top priority is the safety of our passengers. All of our car seats are fully certified to Australian Standard as we make sure. All wheelchair taxi’s authorised checking stations inspect them for more info click here.

Our Sky Maxi Cabs drivers are all trained and experienced in installing child safety seats. So that you can travel with confidence that your child will travel safely and in style.

Yes, we will be there shortly! Our wheelchair taxi services are closer than you believe. Our Sky Maxi Cabs Wheelchair Taxis service all of Sydney upon reservation. If you would like to reserve our wheelchair taxi sydney, please fill out this form or Wheelchair Taxi Number (02) 9174 5504 for direct booking.

Maxi Taxi Sydney
Why Choose Sky Maxi Cabs?

Sky Maxi Cabs can drive you home, to the City Sydney Airports, Hotels, Motels, Hospitals, CBD, or anywhere else in Sydney you would like to go. we also give 10% discount use code SKYMAXI. Big taxi affordable fares.


To Make a Booking with Sky Maxi Cabs. Call (02) 9172  5504 or send an email to bookings@skymaxicabs.com.au to make a Booking Online. For Online Booking Just Fill the form with proper details

Sky Maxi Cabs provides Sydney with affordable transportation and excellent service. You can call us 24/7 our executive, and he will give you a quote based on your location and the amount of time it will take. We also have a wheelchair-friendly taxi service with a 15-minute response time or less for those who need it.

The price depends on Distance travelled From A To B. Request Quote Online or Call us.

Yes Sky Maxi Cabs accept TTSS Docket. Pre Book Your Wheelchair Accessibility Taxis Now. To Make a Booking with Sky Maxi Cabs. Call 02 9172 5504 or send an email to bookings@skymaxicabs.com.au to make a Booking Online. For Online Booking Just Fill the form with proper details